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FFEC Trading Education Center

6 Weeks Basic Training Course:  $600

Week 1:  What is Forex and Futures? What is a Pip and Tick? Basic calculations


Week 2:  The nuts and bolts of trading


Week 3:  Avoiding the noise, Wave Counting, Basic Setups


Week 4:  Institutional Mechanics, Phases and Zones


Week 5:  Basic Review, Fine tuning your entries

Week 6:  Risk Reward Management, Market Psychology

Pay in Full Now
Make 2 or 3 installment Payments

Stay connected with other class members.  Get assistance from previous class members, while fine tuning your craft.

Note:  You must have a basic knowledge of trading  in order to join to the Community.

Please call 407-810-0103 to join the Community Room.


“Thank you.  I finally feel like I'm learning tools that I can use.”

 Sonya T.

“For the first time since last September I was able to close out in the positive each day I traded!!  This is record-breaking for me....”

 Sharon D.

"I had another great week, and I'm gaining confidence in how not to take trades that are not ready, and when to exit, yay!"

Emma H.

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